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Superior Office Systems (SOS) is a full service provider for office furniture installation, reconfiguration of work space, relocation of assets and special skilled labor needs. We also offer Project Management as a service to our valued business partners, and endeavor to be part of your business growth and continued service to your clients.



2001 Nuggett Road High Point, NC 27263 

Office: (336) 792-2888
Fax: (336) 505-1185



Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm
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Our teams of installers and supervisors have a combination of 200 years of experience in furniture installation of systems product, case good and private office furniture, as well as floor to ceiling product and seating. Each of our valued team members have extensive exposure to multiple manufacturer types. Our product line experience includes nearly every manufacturer currently being offered in the modern working environment.
When faced with the ever evolving day to day needs of clients, a provider of products and services must remain poised to serve the needs of their valued partners. When called upon for assistance, a company must be prepared to not only provide quality products, but to also provide an on-site presence that supplies the client's needs in a professional an efficient manner. No other service provider is more willing or more capable of exceeding a client's expectation than Superior Office Systems.